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Industrial Construction
Coastal Construction
In conjunction with other industrial specialists, we design and build productions plants, water reticulations plants, processing plants as well as other medium scale industrial property. Building of pipe line sumps for valves and meters.
Residential Construction
Coastal Construction

This includes building houses, residential flats and town houses. This facet includes land development, infrastructural layout such as water, sanitation, planning and design, development and construction as well as landscape design and layout when required by the client. These buildings are constructed entirely according to the requirements and specifications of the client and the NHBRC.

Throughout the construction process we apply quality control, safety management and on-site management.

Commercial Construction
Coastal Construction
This includes building of office blocks, office parks and shopping centres as well as other medium scale commercial property projects. To achieve this we use a host of specialists such as land developers, consulting engineers, land and rock scampers as well as project management specialists.
Swimming Pools
Coastal Construction

Whether it is a designer pool you need, fitted fibre glass shell or relining your pool, we at Coastal Construction take pride in constructing the best and ensure professional workmanship to the highest standards and qualifications. We make your vision and dream a living reality.

We pride our self in the design and construction of the pool you desire and that will fit your lifestyle. We understand that every individual has different needs.

We have Specialized Technicians and Installers to ensure your pool is heated all year round. We take cost efficiency in consideration.

We specialize in creating the perfect finish for your pool area. Whatever you choice of paving, tiling or coping, we have the best specialized team to create your heart's desires.

Public Amenities
Coastal Construction
This includes building of schools, clinics, government buildings and swimming pools as well as a host of other social enhancement public amenities and utilities. These too are built according to the requirements of the client.
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