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We expected the best, having a full house with our amazing family. We spend most of our time in the outdoors, and swimming.

Coastal Construction brought our dream to reality!

The Mathews
I would like to testify on the work done by Mr Janri Barnard and Coastal Construction.
They have built classrooms at our school as well as various smaller projects and they have renovated parts of my home.

I can ensure you of excellent work done by this company. The always kept us as client involved in the process and requested us to do weekly inspections with them to indicate any areas which we felt needed attention.
The were constantly prepared to go the extra mile no matter how small the request or change was. They were very particular when it came to attention to detail and identified areas which needed specific attention.

What impressed me wat the fact that they cleaned up the site on a daily basis so that building rubble never piled up.Client satisfaction was a priority and with their friendly demeanor they were a pleasure to work with.

The fact that they were able to do building, electrical and plumbing work made it much easier to work with one contractor. They are proud of their work and are only satisfied with a high-quality finish. I know of various people who have made use of their services who are extremely happy with their work. This is a family business with a no-nonsense outlook.

I can recommend them as a company for any building project.

We had a big concern for the safety of our little one and a swimming pool. Coastal Construction went the extra mile in ensuring a safe pool and also ensuring a great play area for our baby.

Chris Parks
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